Tokai University School of Medicine DEPARTMENT OF ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY
Tokai University School of Medicine


We believe that skill and knowledge that enables surgeons to image disease from cells and their microenv ironment is an important aspect in treatment.
Innovation in imaging techniques, new ideas for diagnosis and therapy fruit from research.
Intensive effort is put in to basic research, especially in the field of regenerative medicine, in order to translate novel findings to new treatments.
Research Center Research field is specified to three units

Intervertebral disc research unit (Lead by Joji Mochida and Daisuke Sakai)

  • 1. Translational research on cell mediated repair and regeneration of intervertebral disc by activated nucleus pulposus cells or stem cells (Transplantation of autologous activated nucleus pulposus cells have been approved for clinical trial by Ministry of Health and Labor of Japan)
  • 2. Exploratory research on mechanism of disc degeneration and homeostasis maintenance by intrinsic adult stem cells and its niche
  • 3. Development of novel therapy for the treatment of intervertebral disc

Cartilage and tendon research unit (Lead by Masato Sato)

  • 1. Integrated generation of cartilage and tendon tissue by scaffold free techniques using cell sheet technology and rotational culture methods.
  • 2. Research on non-invasive evaluation of viscoelastic properties of cartilaginous tissue by light-acoustic method (This research has been selected as NEDO project as new evaluation technique for regenerative medicine)
  • 3. Development of novel therapy for the treatment of cartilage and tendons

Spinal cord research unit (Lead by Masahiko Watanabe)

  • 1. Research on oligodendrocyte precursor cell differentiation in altered remyelination in spinal cord injury
  • 2. Potential of growth factor therapy on acute spinal cord injury (SCF+G-CSF therapy for recruitment of marrow derived cells)

Skeletal muscle research (Lead by Yoshiyasu Uchiyama)

Research on skeletal muscle-derived multipotent stem cells sorted as CD34(+)/CD45(-) (Sk-34) and CD34(-)/CD45(-) (Sk-DN) cells.

Intervertebral disc cell signaling research (Lead by Akihiko Hiyama and Daisuke Sakai)

Research on intra-cellular regulation by Wnt and Notch pathways in intervertebral disc cell metabolism and its implication on disc degeneration.

Myoelectric hands (Lead by Takehiko Takagi)

  • 1. Analysis of hand prostheses.
  • 2. Myoelectric hand rehabilitation using an augmented reality (AR) simulator